Greetings to all the keyboard ninjas who chopped their way through the digital Multi-eVerse and found our Desabraisbros Blog. I want to welcome you to this little bit of eReal-estate where we break the wall and discuss the culture of writing, the art of story telling and interact with you, our readers.

Here you will find some information about the projects we are working on as well as those that have been reborn into the digital power of ebook kingdoms. Internet life has changed the way we do everything, the fact that you are reading this is proof. We write in a spectrum of genre, often blending and blurring the lines. Focus is always on creating something new and exciting.

Someone once stated to us that everything worth writing about has been done. That is the most preposterous thing we ever heard. There are so many untold stories, so many unsung heros. Life is always changing and hope is always lurking in the shadows waiting for that pinhole of light to break free. This blog is that light.

We will provide great stories and quality entertainment. Some companies have decided that they should be able to put out multiple versions of the same story with new additions and a new fancy cover. I think as a society in this new eWorld, we have been trampled by double billing, ridiculous service charges and etc… We want to join with those of you who are making an effort to make OUR digital world a better place.