I don’t have any children, maybe one day. This subject of abused children hits us all. They are the future of this world and we need to let them know that. Most people, including myself, couldn’t dream the nightmare that parents who have lost their child live with everyday.

For anyone who has read my work knows that I write about powerful female characters and real men who strive to make a difference in a world they’re trying to change. A lot of us dream about changing the world for better and fighting for a noble cause. We are rarely presented with a chance to do so.

We are putting food on the table, working, hustling. Everyone has their eyes on the prize and is striving for success. There is no time in this world for anything personal. Stress and anguish, body pains, the list goes on, killing our spirits. We are a world filled with hungry, tired, striving people of all race, color, and background.

Our children are in danger. There, I said it. We forget sometimes, surrounding ourselves with illusions and things that make us FEEL SAFE. Sometimes the real world creeps in and disturbs us. For most of us, that’s everyday. It happens to our children too.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING, leads to MISSING CHILDREN, A hurtful subject. A lot of families have been destroyed by the darkness in others. The thought that our children are not safe in their own room is terrifying. We lose our loved ones everyday. No matter how much time passes, THAT is not something you can overcome. It is a hell on this earth that dwells out in the open and we are powerless to protect ourselves and those we love.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it is thought better to coddle and shield our kids from the ugly truths of our society. We over censor, we are obsessive and worry until our hair falls out and in the end, we learn that our children are not safe.

There are families out there who are destroyed by pedophiles, psychos, slave traders, and incompetent people every day. We don’t understand why it happens but it does. Nothing is sacred anymore. We’re not safe at school, at our parks, or at home in our own beds.


School isn’t safe: http://www.wmctv.com/story/16113018/family-still-grappling-with-loss-of-child-killed-in-school-parking-lot

Your home isn’t safe: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/oct/28/experience-car-stolen-baby

The neighborhood park isn’t safe: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/05/13/cops-andrew-burrous-9-struck-and-killed-in-floral-park-by-teen-driving-getting-driving-lesson/


In my stories, I often touch on the subject of the slave trades. There are people out there who look at the person next to you and put a dollar sign on their heads. People are going on vacation and not coming back. This is a serious thing and most are clueless to the happenings.

There are so many dangers that plague our minds every moment of every day. We are living in a world where people are stopping their cars at green lights, not paying attention to anything around them. Are we at the point where the bulk of our race just don’t care about anything?

Nothing seems to work anymore. Our children see more now than we did growing up. We can’t hide them away and lie to them about the world. What’s the right thing to do? We have to educate them. Teach them to defend themselves, to know the signs of danger. We have to give them the tools to survive.


Thank you for reading,

Ivan D.