So the guy from was raided. No warrant no anything. Silent black helicopters, they got into his safe-room, yanked him out, took his website down, claiming he was breaking the laws. A whole lot of companies are pissed because they had their files up there, which allowed them to do business. Now Microsoft is coming out with a website that basically does the same damn thing. Coincidence?

This world is so corrupted. We have communications companies trying to stake claim to OUR internet. They want to bill us by the minute for usage. GREEDY SELFISH BASTARDS! These pigs are always taking, taking, taking. Isn’t it better business just to give us what we want to keep us coming back for more?

Look at all these crooked companies suing people over copyrights that the person being sued owns, yet somehow these disgusting sloths are winning in the courts which can’t be legal. People are filling their greasy pockets with cash and innocent people are going to jail. When is it going to be enough?

Peoples lives are being ruined. Families are being shattered by these greedy sick people. Then they have the balls to say it’s not personal. YES IT IS! What the hell? How can they say that? They are personally ruining our lives!

I am so sick of these jackasses taking advantage of people. They sent out all those letters, saying if people didn’t pay a fine of $$$$$ they were going to jail for having music they didn’t pay for. That money never saw the hands of the artists who created it.

They use the cash to pad their lawsuits. With the kind of cash they’ve been collecting, they have enough to take out the big shots in the internet game and claim it all to themselves. What the hell can we do about it?

The people who have the power and money to make a difference turn a blind eye and just let it happen. If you try anything, they say a bunch of lies and get their crooked task force to nab you, sue you, and lock you up. Then they take everything you had.

You know why teenagers get angry and start changing their behavior when they reach that age? It’s because they come to know that THIS is not the way the world is supposed to be. They get depressed, because they know there’s nothing you can do to make it better.

Screw the end of the world. We all put our time in damn it! We have come so far. Cars that don’t pollute. The internet. Curing diseases. We should have a much more advanced society by now but these greedy bastards won’t let us advance because they’re scared they will lose control over us and all their money will dry up.

Why the hell do we let them do this to us? Why isn’t anyone making changes? We haven’t really made huge changes since the seventies. Maybe earlier. Take a good hard look. All these leaders keep coming out saying they will make things better. They are still working with the same clay. How can they make any changes?

We need someone with a vision. We need someone to look beyond the $$$$ and start thinking about the future. NONE of these leaders can see past the little dot on their head. All they care about is NOW and our kids get screwed.

We know everything we are doing will lead to our destruction and the bastards aren’t doing anything to fix it. THE TIME IS NOW! NOW is when we have to do something. I wish all these pigs would step down so these people with vision would stop killing themselves because there is no hope and no place for them in this sick world.

How many Leonardo’s are dying? or are killing themselves with drugs? They teach everyone to give up before they even start. Everybody gets a trophy for showing up. Why bother? Life sucks , so smoke your drugs and don’t care about anything. BS! Life is awesome, people suck! Care about something! Have some fire! Don’t let these bastards take anything away from you! FIGHT! We’re human, it’s what we’re good at.