The culture of writing is a rich one. The hungry scribe plugging away at that screenplay in the late hours of the night, trying to get that line to feel like spun gold. The Beginner just discovering the power of their words from mind to screen, their characters coming to life before them and taking over the story.

Coffee houses are full of would-be, could-be, and already established authors. Why? Environment. We as creative spirits love to people watch, it’s hard wired into our DNA as people ourselves. It’s exciting to witness someone who has a unique way of presenting themselves to the world. It’s amazing to capture those qualities and store them away for a flat character who needs life.

Imagine how many authors are sitting at home and are not writing. They have a great story in them aching to get out into the world, but that fire deep down in their belly is snuffed out by ‘I don’t have time today, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m tired, Maybe it’s not good enough, I don’t feel like it today. Being an author is hard work. You have to be a blood thirsty relentless warrior who carves time out of your day with a big ugly broadsword. You have to fill yourself with the will and force that little block of time into your busy life. If you don’t, you simply are not…

This blog is all about that thriving culture. That hum of your computer in the darkness under the stairs. (Or where ever you have to hide to get things done.) Sometimes we don’t even have the luxury of hiding away. This blog is for those who had to work in room filled with screaming crazy people who gobble up all your free time. We know they don’t mean too, and it’s not that we don’t love them, but sometimes, we all wish we could just turn the rest of the world off, just for a few minutes of peace and creative thought.

There are those of a rarer breed who need the chaos and the insanity all around them, all the time. To them all we can do is cheer them on and politely call them bastards.

Current events always find a way to creep into our stories so expect some of that. I think if you look at any writing from any age, you could see some influences from the period the author was creating from. That’s a great thing, if everything was timeless, life would be boring. So take out you’re katanas, lace up your combat boots, open a word-processor and lets create the universe.


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