Ian Desabrais

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Writing something down, sharing it on a page is like showing someone part of your soul.  We struggle with it, fight against it, our soul changes constantly and it fights against the realities of our mind. I have heard many say they wanted to be a writer because it is easy work. EASY, they say. This type of work will keep you up at night, it will run through your mind and send you on the dig of your life looking for some pad or computer to write new and interesting ideas down before your mind gets hold of them. We shine on the page because it is our soul you get to read.

Everyone has a different muse, music, art, the special people in your lives. I myself use many forms. Is there really something out there that hasn’t given or added to your story. The fiery red sun burns with hate glaring down at the mortals in worship, she sits high on her temple throne watching with a silent giggle to herself, she motions and the sacrifices begin. That’s what writing is, you must sacrifice, stay in when you really want to go out with family and friends, but always remember don’t lock yourself away from the things that inspire you. When you really need to write build a vault in your mind, break out that laptop or pad and spill your soul onto the page so we can see you shine.

When can you really remember deciding, it is like a force in you and if the stories don’t get out you will explode. I beg you don’t fight it, when you hear your soul calling you, begging you to write something, DO IT. It will be the most amazing journey you will take. Pack your gear good because you will need it.


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