Ivan Desabrais

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Ivan Desabrais

It’s late at night, something incredible is happening. You’re soaring over your city, arms ahead, feet behind you, pressing forward by the power of thought. Here you are superior, here you are a god. You can make anything happen, your desires in the flesh, only limited by your imagination. You’re dreaming… A lot of great stories start out as a vague dream. When you awaken in the cold hard material world, those places and times fade. It’s up to a story teller to capture those lost moments and deliver them in a exciting way.

When I was ten, I started writing a huge book. It took years and it was thousands of pages. I didn’t know the ‘rules’ to this world. Punctuation, format, layout. Stuffy, boring, head scratching stuff. It stifled me, I thought. I sent it off to an editor and he read and read through my very long story, one I’m still working on to date. It was about worlds, light and darkness, good and evil, order and chaos. The love of a man and woman saves all of reality in a fractured possible future that was simply forgotten. It was my masterpiece. A few months after I sent it out, it came back to me with scribbles all over it and a twelve page letter that simply stated: “You are not Zeus, you can’t just crack open your mind and create the universe.”

What a thing to say to a boy. Of course I was Zeus. He just described what we do. We open our minds and create worlds. I’m the kind of story teller who sits on a park bench minding his own business, when a silver-maned mature man darts by, wearing dark dressy clothes. His wrinkled but strong hands are clutching a red bag. His hard as steel blue/grey eyes are focussed on his speedy retreat. I start asking crazy questions. Who’s chasing him? What’s in the bag? Where did he just come from? Did he get away?

BOOM! Notepad out, pen flying, painting my pages in ink. A story is born.

If you look around, chances are, you’re missing so many amazing stories… Eyes open. Pen ready. Begin…


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