Ivan’s Books
In the darkness of a basement, hidden under the shimmering lights of Tokyo, five year old Lasalle Cabellero found her strength. Her parents sold her into a nightmare. She protected Tony, a scared little boy from the demons of a slave trading crime syndicate called the Doppelgangers.One day, she was liberated from child slavery by Caldwell Bridgefield, an urban ghost, a phantom from the secret forces of the Phoenix Initiative, a group of men and women who would take no more corruption in their world. They hunt the wicked and use the resources of their prey to fund their operations…. Read more!!! ……… Read review!!!
Phoenix Initiative – AdversariesA yachting day goes terribly wrong when teenage Lasalle is tricked and boarded by a group of Rich kids with nothing better to do and murder on their minds. Join Lasalle in this flashback from the second book of the phoenix Initiative series called Transgressors.Get it for free on Smashwords
An Ode to Death – A collection of short storiesIn life there only one sure thing, death. That parent who you never see. The one who deeply we all fear. In the end, with open arms, death welcomes us and maybe the fear is gone. The last embrace, on the minds of every living person. Though we fear death in our nature, the darkness comes and only guides us. So, to whom waits for us when our time comes, we ask to be gentle and patient.READ MORE!!!
Ian’s Books
  A father, husband, man named Rex, finds himself in a department store on Christmas Eve. People are fighting and screaming, there is blood and there’s darkness. Hiding from the crazy people tearing each other apart, he asks himself a question, ‘Will I make it out alive?’Get it for free on Smashwords
The first novel in the Elnore Saga
Elnore the bear was exiled form his home, he was forced to waste away his years in a small seaside village. His brother in war Thordon was embraced by the Lady Hel during the night and the maidens of death will lead him to the gods abode. During the funeral, Blood thirsty raiders kill and burn his world to the ground.Elnore survives because of his son, Torim.The bear learns the raiders were sent by Loth, a would be king that wants him dead for killing his warmonger father. Elnore decides to give the gods one last battle to earn his place in Valhalla. With his war hound at his side he’s ready to take on an army but finds his son followed and swears to keep him alive.READ MORE!!!
DesabraisBros Books
  @Myzombiejournal Part 1 – It’s been a year
The year is 2014. We never saw it coming. Zombies are everywhere. Everybody I knew is gone.READ MORE!!!

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