Elnore – I will give you a good death

Elnore the bear, a warlord, was exiled from his home. He was forced to waste his years away in a small seaside village.He grew older and became tired of the life he was forced to live. With his wife in Bulvi tending to her pregnant sister, Elnore must watch over his children. He struggles against the pains of his age and wishes the Valkyries would come and choose him.

His brother in war Thordon was embraced by the Lady Hel during the night and the maidens of death will lead him to the gods abode. During the funeral, Blood thirsty raiders kill and burn his world to the ground. Seeing this as his chance to call the Valkyries to claim him in war, he brings forth his memories of old and wages a battle upon the raiders that they have never seen the like from one man.

In the aftermath of the raid Elnore survives, angry at his son for saving him from death. It may have been his last chance to reach Odin’s table. The bear learns the raiders were led by a child of Loth, the son of an evil warmonger Elnore fought against and killed during his younger days as a warrior. He had the chance to end Loth who was a boy but could not do the act.

Loth’s father wanted to rule all men and force them to worship him, now Loth follows in his footsteps. Elnore has to stop him, or the evil would be king would enslave all men and women of the land and surely kill Elnore’s family.

Elnore the bear decides the gods want one last great war from him, one that all will remember. He leaves his village sending his son Torim to go with the villagers to Bulvi where Brynya the wife of Elnore is. Elnore walks off with his war hound ready to take on an army only to find his son followed him. Elnore wants this journey to end in his death but Torim makes an oath to his father telling him his reason for coming to war is to keep his father alive.



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