Phoenix Initiative


In the darkness of a basement, hidden under the shimmering lights of Tokyo, five year old Lasalle Cabellero found her strength. Her parents sold her into a nightmare. She protected Tony, a scared little boy from the demons of a slave trading crime syndicate called the Doppelgangers.
One day, she was liberated from child slavery by Caldwell Bridgefield, an urban ghost, a phantom from the secret forces of the Phoenix Initiative, a group of men and women who would take no more corruption in their world. They hunt the wicked and use the resources of their prey to fund their operations.
With Caldwell as her mentor, she grew and came to know her destiny. Every day, she hunts her prey, attempting to make a difference in the world. Untraceable attacks threaten everything she loves. Her world is collapsing around her. With clues pointing at her only friends and allies, she has no one left to trust…
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