It is all around us, blooming in gardens, soaring across the sky. Don’t be blind to the things around you. Take a moment and just watch. Explore the world around you and let the fresh air cleanse your mind, body and soul.

You might be panicking at this point, knowing you have lots of work to get done or a deadline you can’t miss. Worrying about it may drive a bigger wedge into you then nothing will get done.

Head outside, take a deep breath and relax. It may be hard to let go of something, but remember the sooner you let the tension go the faster you can return to work and get it completed. Take a calm walk, if you need to decide on a location to get to.

Watch and Listen:
There is inspiration all around us, do a little people watching. Explore your environment. You can do this part if you are out on your walk or shopping, it is easy to do all the time. Listen to the people around you, the way they talk, the things being said. Watch their actions and use it to fuel your ideas.

I have never mastered meditation, but don’t let that stop you. There are many great sites and books that are out there about the subject, do a google search and find the best one for you.

Check out some art & photography:
If your surroundings are subpar, online pictures can be a great resource for you.

Many websites are out there: – A great community of artists and those devoted to art. – The source for pictures, I mean come on, this is the National Geographic. Who hasn’t been inspired from one of their photos. – A collection of Motivational pictures and quotes.

I know it may see simple but it really works. I have a writing partner, so I know the benefits of having someone to discuss my work with. Anytime I stumble in my work or have a bad case of writers block, I have a conversation about what I’m working on and the concerns I have that won’t let me continue. We talk about it and always fix the problems or break the block.

Personal Experiences:
A great tool is to build your world around personal experiences. Dig back into things that you had to push through, fights, arguments, personal problems. Why let it torment you, use it to fuel your words.

Don’t you dare give up.

Ian Desabrais